Food Waste Friday – Aptly Named

I thought I would join the hoardes of bloggers out there that post their weekly food waste every Friday.

This is not going to be pretty.  It’s been a bad week for food waste.

For starters, let me list the things I’ve thrown out this week before blogging about it:

  • A bunch of leftover snow peas from the farmer’s market.  We tried to steam some of them, but they were already a bit off.
  • About 1/5 bag of edamame from Trader Joe’s
  • A serving of vegetarian chili (yum) that never made it to the freezer.  There ARE however two bags of chili still in the freezer, so I’m looking forward to these

And now, for the pictures of things I threw out today…

For shame

For shame

From up-down left-right:

  • 3 black bean cakes (the first batch was kind of burnt, so we didn’t make it through them all)
  • half a pack of bibb lettuce (I know, these “living” packs are supposed to last long enough that you don’t waste them)
  • 1/4 container of half & half (this has been in the fridge for 3 months)
  • potato salad (my fault, the hubs doesn’t eat it)
  • asparagus (the tops are slimy, ew)
  • the second half of a sausage that was so spicy we just couldn’t do it again
  • 3 or 4 strawberries

This was indeed an exercise in humility.  But, alas, this is what Food Waste Friday is about, right?  Next week I will do much, much better.

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5 Responses to Food Waste Friday – Aptly Named

  1. Kristen says:

    Oh yes, Food Waste Friday is all about humiliating yourself into doing better! lol It worked for me. You should see some of my first food waste photos.

    Hang in there and keep trying…the more you keep at it, the better you’ll get at this! And keep participating. Knowing you’ll have to photography your waste will inspire you.


  2. Cate says:

    I’m with Kristen–humiliation is kind of the key! Sometimes when looking into the fridge at something that’s on its last legs, thinking, “I REALLY don’t want to eat that,” I end up eating it just so I don’t have to photograph it for everyone else to see! But don’t feel bad. You’ll definitely improve.

  3. Alea says:

    You will be surprised at how fast you will get this under control once you start blogging about it each week. I am fortunate to have a teenage boy who does a pretty good job of cleaing out the fridge each week. I have been thinking about loaning him out to friends to offset my grocery bill. 😉

  4. jessie says:

    Thanks to all of you for the support!

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