Mean Green Shower Routine


About six months ago, I joined a pretty exclusive club.

I cut out the poo.

Shampoo, that is.

When is the last time you flipped your shampoo bottle over and read the ingredients?  Do you know what they all mean?  Heck, can you even pronounce them all?  Not to mention that heavy plastic bottle you’re tossing in the recycling bin (or trash).  All of those chemicals get washed down into our water treatment system, where hopefully *most* of them get filtered out before they make it back to our drinking water.  Also, do you get tired of having to wash your hair every day?  Every other day?  Have you ever wondered just why it gets greasy so fast?

Women have only been using shampoo since the 1920s (once a month), and didn’t start washing once a day until the lovely image of a fluffy-haired Farah Fawcett graced our TV screens in the 1970s.  Shampoo strips your scalp of its natural oils, called sebum.  We use conditioner to put a little artificial oil back, but the scalp still overreacts and starts gushing oil a day or two after you wash.  So, off to the shower again to strip it all clean.

So, if I don’t use shampoo, then I must use something, right?  Well sure.  About once every 4 days (this will vary from person to person), I make a paste of baking soda and water and scrub my scalp thoroughly with my fingertips.  After I rinse this out, I use a couple of cap-fulls of apple cider vinegar diluted in an entire mug of water, and rinse the part of my hair I would usually put conditioner on.  Any vinegar will do really, but the ACV smells nice to me.  At first, my scalp was still adjusting to the oil, and it would get pretty icky in between washes, but now my hair looks great almost all the time.  I use a boar bristle brush in between washes to move the sebum down the hair shaft, and my hair is lovely and shiny!  No one can tell how often I wash my hair.

So now, all that I’m washing down the drain are baking soda and vinegar, which is about as harmless as a science room volcano! And the best part is that I can wash my hair for 6 months or more for about 2 dollars!  You can’t get much more frugal than that!

Now, I will admit that this might not work for everyone.  I’ve heard of pleny of other failures, but a lot of successes too.  Why not give it a shot?

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3 Responses to Mean Green Shower Routine

  1. climatesight says:

    That’s a good idea. I haven’t tried baking soda but I use it for lots of other things, it’s worth a try. I’ve recently learned that it can clean anything from dried-up fish batter to teenage skin.

    I have very thick hair that likes to poof out into a triangle and I find that combing a teaspoon of aloe vera into my hair after every shower helps to tame it.

    In case you’re interested in other environmental issues, I’d love you to come check out my blog, which deals exclusively with climate change, especially in the context of credibility and responsible journalism.

    Link is on my username. Thanks!

  2. Sabrina says:

    I hate the smell of ACV. I think it smells like rotten apples and dirty feet. It is great for getting rid of dandruff though.

    • jessie says:

      That’s funny. To each his own I guess. My sister thinks it smells like “tasty barbeque sauce”. After you rinse it out you really can’t smell it in your hair later though.

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