Plastic Waste Makes Me Angry



I’m going to take a moment to talk about something that annoys me.

I love these clips.  It is so easy to just twist up my hair and go in the morning.

However, what I do *not* love about these clips is that they are made of plastic.  About once a month, I will squeeze one too hard, and the little piece of plastic holding in the spring pin will snap, and presto, the clips is completely useless.  The hubs and I have mulled over ways to fix one, but have come up short.

So, my question to all of you – have you ever seen a metal clip like this?  I know I’ve seen metal clips with a lot of fancy filigree work, or clips that actually look like big butterflies, but I would just like something plain that I can wear in an everyday setting.  I’m not a very frilly girl.

I’m tired of wasting money and throwing plastic in the trash.  At this point, I would just like to have something that will last.


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4 Responses to Plastic Waste Makes Me Angry

  1. Janknitz says:

    I haven’t fixed those exactly, but we used to have a cleaning tank for eyeglasses (sounds extravagant, but when EVERY person in our four person household wears glasses, we clean a LOT of glasses–it more than paid for itself before it broke after about 8 years). Anyway, there was a very similar clip to hold the glasses in place and it broke easily. I used a rubber band to fix it, just wrapped it around to create tension in the opposite direction.

    It worked well, but would look terrible–maybe you could do it with those clear silicone stretchy bands they sell for hair.

  2. kate1946 says:

    I googled ‘metal hair claw’ and found a wide variety including a plain one with Xs cut on top side at 2/$5.99 by KIss Kiss. Good luck.

    • jessie says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately, those clips are only 1 1/2 inches long. I’m looking for something more like 3-4 inches. All the other ones I found with that search are covered in jewels and what-not. I may just try switching to the long and skinny clips, which almost always come in metal.

  3. Claudia says:

    I used to use those a lot and they always broke on me too. My mom and aunt still use them in a variety of sizes, but now that my hair is longer than theirs (and has been thicker for a long time), I rarely borrow theirs. Mostly I learned how to put my hair up with one or two sticks, wood or metal -knitting needles and pens, half the time- fancy pretty wood ones the other half!

    I know it doesn’t help you in finding a metal version of a jaw clip (I’ve seen them out there though) but it’s just what I learned to do after I kept breaking jaw clips of all sorts. As my hair’s been growing and growing through different lengths, I’ve figured out a lot of different ways to quickly whip my hair all up and stick a stick in it.

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