Food Waste Friday – Not *Too* Bad…

Not terribly bad this week – no produce!  I’m at least proud of that.  This week it’s mostly prepared food that never got eaten.

food waste 20090731

From left to right:

  • A few slices of whole wheat bread.  I like to buy the stuff with no preservatives, but since the hubs is the only one making sandwiches, we just can’t get through it.  Guess I’ll have to freeze half a loaf…
  • A little bit of cooked garlic fries
  • A single serving of vegetarian chili.  Even though we split this up and froze it, we still wasted a little. 😦

The bread went from fine to moldy in a flash.  It actually caught us by suprise.  Gotta strive for another waste free week!!

Check out The Frugal Girl to follow other people’s food waste!

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