My Fabulous Goodwill Find

I am so happy, I just had to share.  I found this skirt at the local Goodwill for just $4.50.  I think it had been skipped over because the zipper was split, but I’ve never let a little problem like that stop me before…

skirt 003

from the front

skirt 001

from the back - kind of an "action" shot

I’ve recently decided that since I have a sewing machine and some intermediate mending skills, there’s absolutely no reason I can’t buy stuff from Goodwill that’s broken or too large (I’m very small!).  So, join me all you frugal fashionistas!  Head to your local thrift shop and score!

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4 Responses to My Fabulous Goodwill Find

  1. Bellen says:

    Good for you. As your sewing skills improve you’ll start looking at clothes, tablecloths, sheets, etc as sources of material. I’ve used sheets for nightgowns, pjs and robes. pillowcases as hanger covers for special wear clothes, tableclothes for placemats and napkin sets.

    • jessie says:

      Yes, my sewing hasn’t ventured much past hemming, mending, and making things generally “smaller”. I’m thinking of joining to hone my skills.

  2. Callipygian says:

    At the Goodwill locations in my area, everything in the store is 50% off every other Saturday. Now that I’ve started following Wardrobe Refashion — I haven’t signed up myself, at least not yet — I’m inspired to actually take advantage of the extra-cheap prices and look at items for potential changes beyond just adding a missing button or hemming pants to fit me.

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