Spend Money Where it Counts


alas, not for me

I asked my friend, for whom I am the matron of honor, what she wanted to do for her batchelorette party.

“Hey, let’s do a weekend trip to the beach!”

Gulp.  We are currently already saving for a trip to Ireland, as well as socking away money for the new addition to the family that I’m, um, incubating at the moment. 😉 We’ve been trying to cut everything unnecessary out of our budget in order to let me stay at home for as long as possible before going back out into the workforce.

But you know, after sitting down to crunch the numbers, we realized that we’ll be able to afford a trip for me, Ireland, AND a new baby as long as we stick to our frugal lifestyle.  If we hadn’t already started living this way – if we were still spending like a year ago, we’d never be able to afford all of these things.  Not that we were ever big spenders, but we never really took the time before to look at where our money went.  It was the small things for us, eating out (especially lunches), coffees, convenience foods.  By cutting out the fluff, we can concentrate on the things that really matter.  I seriously doubt I’ll ever regret not going to eat burritos at lunch on a random Tuesday, but I would regret not making my friend’s last weekend of “freedom” the best it could possibly be.

What have you been able to do that you wouldn’t have in your “old” life?  Is there something you’re struggling towards that you haven’t quite reached?

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