To Haggle or not to Haggle

If I don't haggle, is this what I'm doing?

If I don't haggle, is this what I'm doing?

I am really not a haggler.

I hate to negotiate a price.  I’ll ask for a discount on a grouping of items, but that’s about it.  I may point out a defect in an item in the hopes of getting a discount, but I never press the issue.  I never go to look at something on Craigslist unless I’m fully prepared to pay the price listed.

I feel like I’m probably losing out on a lot of savings, but haggling just makes me very uncomfortable.  So much so, that when we had someone come to our house to look at our desk that is for sale, I eventually had to leave the room to escape the stare down match between the man and my husband.  I know that many people who post items on sites like Craigslist actually expect to get talked down in price.  I know that when we post things, we always discuss the minimum amount that we’re willing to take for the item.

Maybe this is a cultural thing for me.  I know that a lot of other cultures don’t have any problem with haggling – it is in fact expected.  What are your experiences with haggling?  Are you a cutthroat deal-hunter or a shy shmutz?

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