Food Waste Friday – A bit here, a bit there…

First, let’s account for the things the hubs tossed during the week:

  • 1 1/2 hamburger buns that grew some mold.
  • 1/2 loaf of moldy wheat bread (he’s been the only one making sandwiches, and he did not like this bread)

Now, for the picture:

blog 005

  • 4 oz homemade mayonnaise  (this just goes bad too fast, I’m going to have to abandon making it)
  • half bottle of half & half  (I really wish we could get this in a smaller container, maybe I’ll try mixing it up myself)
  • less than 1/3 bottle of clam juice (made a shrimp recipe twice in the hopes of using this up)
  • one bad apple (har har)
  • one small tomato (my grandfather gave us too many tomatoes from his garden, should have made pasta sauce)
  • dandelion greens (this purchase was a huge mistake – they are ridiculously bitter)

The apple, tomato, and dandelion greens are headed to the compost pile, at least.  I do feel somewhat of a disappointment over this week, especially about the breads.

In general, we have found it difficult to buy grocery store portions for the two of us and actually make it through them.  I’m sure that once our new addition arrives, I’ll be running out of stuff all the time, but for now, I’m going to have to think about every item I purchase as soon as I get home to see if I need to store some of it for the long term.  I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle.

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2 Responses to Food Waste Friday – A bit here, a bit there…

  1. jessie says:

    Weird! About 20 minutes after taking this picture (before I got around to throwing the stuff out), the mayo container “ejected” its lid! I guess it gave off some sort of gas when it got warm?? Needless to say, it startled me a bit. 😉

  2. Mrs Green says:

    Hey Jessie; What an insightful post. I must admit I watch American films and wonder if your packs of stuff are really that huge; it appears they are. This must be a really difficult challenge with just two of you to buy for. Like you say, it involves thought before you even buy the thing; maybe batch cooking and preparation would work for you.
    I find that easy to suggest to others, but very hard to implement in my own life LOL!

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