Small Step to Reduce Waste – Cotton Produce Bags

I’m always trying to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the trash can (or the recycling bin, for that matter!).  I faithfully carry my reusable totes to the grocery store.  I even have a small bag that fits in a little pouch clipped inside my purse, so I am never without at least one bag.  My one nemesis remaining at the grocery was the dreaded produce bag:


Look into the face of evil

I try to reuse them for things that are dry/peelable (potatoes, garlic, oranges, etc), but after a few uses, they eventually get icky and tossed.  Usually there’s too much food reside for the recycling, and they are too unwieldly to wash (I do wash zip top baggies occasionaly).

I had seen cotton produce bags, and decided to make some for myself, following the tutorial (loosely) over at Mindful Momma:


The beads at the ends of the bags are my addition, because I was afraid the drawstrings would retract back into the bag.  I probably need to make a few more to make sure I don’t ever have to reach for a plastic bag, but I think this is a great start.  The great thing is, when they’re ditry I can just toss them in the wash.  I can’t wait to show up with these at the farmer’s market!

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2 Responses to Small Step to Reduce Waste – Cotton Produce Bags

  1. Yoga Witch says:

    Awesome! That’s just what I’m doing!

  2. Thanks for the link – great job on the bags!!

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