Low Effort Local

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None for me?

I love the farmer’s market.  Nothing gets my weekend started like tossing the shopping bags in the back of the car and heading down to see what new discoveries await me this week.  In addition to eating healthier than I would otherwise, I’m also eating local.  Why is this important to me?

Well, for one, my juicy red apple from Washington state traveled about 2,500 miles on a truck to get to me, using up fossil fuels and blowing fumes into the air the wholy way.  Gee, that’s an awful dirty apple.  However, my just-as-juicy red apple from North Georgia traveled about 30 miles to get to me – much better.  (Although, I do not have the advanced economics degree to explain to you why they cost about the same – sigh.)

Also, if you buy local food, more money stays in your local economy – a lot more.  Why not give your neighbor farmer a helping hand?  You’re much more likely to actually see some reciprocation.

However, this brings up a huge dilemna for me.  What about bananas?  Lemons?  Limes?  Currants?  Rice?  Lamb?  All items that either aren’t or can’t be grown here in the southeast.   Many of these ingredients crop up in many recipes, and some are staples in my diet.

So, in the spirit of improving myself (this is Jessie:Improved after all), I’ve decided on a compromise.  I’m going to buy local whenever a local option is available to me, but otherwise, I won’t worry too much about it.  I’ve estimated that this will make about 50% of my grocery shopping local, especially since I’ve found a great source for meat and poultry.  I’d say that’s a big stride forward.  Who knows?  Now that I’m keeping a local eye out, maybe my cooking style will lead me even more in that direction.

Are you trying to eat local?

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1 Response to Low Effort Local

  1. Kate says:

    Yes, I’m trying to eat more local food after being inspired by a couple books: ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ and ‘No Impact Man’. My 9 year old daughter dislikes going to the grocery store, but likes going to the farmer’s market and talking to the vendors. It is nice to see the same people each week at the market.

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