More Dresses than I’ve Ever Owned

There’s something growing inside of me. With the nefarious intent of…

…making my pants not fit.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, I’m sure she doesn’t intend to render my wardrobe useless, but nevertheless…

Going on 5 months now, and the wardrobe items are dropping off one by one.  Only one pair of my work pants still work with my hair band latching technique, and I have one pair of jeans that still fit well going into the fall.  Everything else is getting pushed down until it falls off the hips.  I’ve heard about fancy belly bands and what not, but I’ve heard from some people that they are uncomfortable, and I’m trying to desperately avoid anything that won’t be useful after I have the baby.  So…dresses!  I am admittedly a tomboy at heart – this haul from Plato’s Closet brings my dress stash up to a level previously unknown to me:


All of these thrifted beauties are mine for about $32 – not bad I say.  The second one needs a little work (missing belt, button replaced), but they should all be useful with tights and cardigans for the upcoming fall weather.  The greatest thing is that they won’t become obsolete when I’m no longer pregnant.

Any super-duper maternity tips to share?

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3 Responses to More Dresses than I’ve Ever Owned

  1. Baby Boo says:

    Those dresses are adorable!! Nice work…I will keep the dress from the thrift shop idea in mind when I am pregnant. I have noticed the style of shirts out now are convienent for bigger growing bellies which is nice!!

  2. Chrstina says:

    You got a really great deal Jessie..and the dresses are really cute, but not overly feminine! Good shopping finds! Can’t wait to see that growing belly!

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