What I’ve Been Up To OR Excuses for Not Posting

After a long hiatus from posting regularly, I have started to think about the reasons why I started this blog in the first place.  First of all, the meaning behind the name, Jessie : Improved, is that I will post about the little things I’m doing that I feel make my life better.  This generally (but not absolutely) falls into 3 categories:


As a follow up to my previous post, Good to the Last…, I did indeed perform surgery on my travel lotion bottle to get the last bits out:

It has gummed up a bit from the air exposure, but if I mix it with a little water in my hand before spreading, it works like a charm!

For me, frugality is all about saving money on the things that don’t really matter much to me, so that I can spend my money on the things that do.  For example. our frugal habits have allowed me to stay at home for at least six months with our new daughter, something I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.


For as long as I can remember, waste has really bothered me.  I think this comes largely from my upbringing under the strong influence of my grandparents, whose experience with the Great Depression and growing up in a very rural area has made them conscious of trying to use up every bit of everything they buy.  This issue has become even more important to me now that I’m a mother.  I know how much waste the average American baby produces, and I’m committed to reducing my daughter’s impact considerably.  This includes trying to eliminate as many disposable products as possible, especially by using cloth diapers and wipes.

Simple Living

At no other point in our history as a species have we been bombarded with so many stimuli on a daily basis.  Television, internet, and mobile phones have invaded every corner of our lives, threatening to overshadow our relationships and personal development.  Now, I’m no Luddite by any stretch – I’m a software engineer, own an iPhone, enjoy playing video games, and am generally up to date on all things “tech”.  However, I’m making an effort to unplug when I can, especially from mindless television watching or internet browsing.  I would rather spend more time exploring my hobbies or developing relationships with my friends and family.

So, why haven’t I been posting?  Well, the main reason would probably be asleep in my arms even as a write.  My beautiful six week old daughter is taking up quite a bit of my time.  But, now that life has regained a little bit of normalacy (what it can with a child), I plan to regain my focus and continue to improve myself and hopefully the world around me, at least a little.

Well, I’m going to leave the computer now to do something productive.  Talk to you again soon!

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