To Repair or Replace

Disclaimer: I wrote this article over 2 months ago, and didn’t post it simply because I was too lazy to take a picture and upload it.  My crawling 9 month old is now a walking 11 month old, but the standards of cleanliness still remain. ^_^

My vacuum cleaner is my hero.

With an inquisitive 9 month old crawling (and sometimes stumbling) around the house, every errant piece of leaf, paper, or other detritus simply must disappear – or I’ll likely be fishing it out of a certain someone’s little mouth in short order.  Enter the scene: my trusty Hoover Windtunnel, age unknown.  It came into our lives along with a townhouse we lived in over 6 years ago, but it’s probably at least twice that old.

So, imagine my distress when I pressed the lever to release the hinge that lets the rollers fall flat to the floor and snap! the second set of wheels break off.  Now the brushes smash into the rug and actually move the vacuum when you’re not holding it (demon vacuum!).

Of course, immediately my husband and I start discussing new vacuum cleaners.  We swoon over shiny new models that apparently “don’t lose suction”, cool roller ball movements, and epic price tags.  I would also appreciate a lighter model – I lug the old beast up and down the stairs every time I use it, and that gets old.  However, while I would love to have a new vacuum cleaner, I just couldn’t do it.  So, I bring up the trusty Internet and look up a replacement part, with shipping, that comes up to a whopping 10 bucks.  A few days later, and my Hoover is as good as new.

When did we make the shift from owner to consumer?  People like my father take pride in repairing things and making do with the materials they have on hand.  I don’t think I want my legacy on this planet to be a massive pile of garbage, so I think the next time something breaks around here, I’m going to try and fix it.  It’ll be nice to keep a few items out of the landfill and a few dollars in my pocket.

My Dusty Hero

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