Food Waste Friday – Not as Bad as I Thought

Okay, so I haven’t cleaned my fridge out in a while.  It’s been a pretty disorganized month around here.  Lots of Spring related things going on around here.  That being said, I’m pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to pull more out of the fridge:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Some farmer’s market (!) arugula that I didn’t get around to using all of.  It was pretty good on sandwiches when it was fresh though.
2. Some leftover gyoza (top) and brown rice (bottom) that we told my brother he could eat when we were out of town, and he forgot about.
3. A smoked chicken carcass.  There’s actually about a half sandwich of meat still left on it too.  I consider the carcass waste because it could have made a tasty smoky stock.
4. A tiny very moldy piece of cheese.  Chalk this one up to improper storage.
5. A far gone lime.
6. Some leftover sauce from a recipe that we thought we might use.  I don’t even want to talk about how old that one is.

So, the arugula and brown rice went into the compost at least.  I need to be better about cleaning my fridge weekly – it really helps me stay on top of what needs to get used.  Stay posted –  maybe no waste next week!

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2 Responses to Food Waste Friday – Not as Bad as I Thought

  1. Elizabeth L. says:

    I did a major fridge clean out last week and turned up a lot of stuff too. I had a few things go to waste this week, but not nearly as much as last week. The trick is to check the fridge every week instead of every once in a while I think.

    *visiting from Food Waste Friday*

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