Garden Update – June

I am currently on a journey to provide healthy, chemical free food for my family from our own land.  My goal is to provide over half of our fresh produce during the year – I’m nowhere near there yet, but I believe it’s possible!  I’ll be posting my progress at least once a month.

Well, it’s the beginning of June, and here in Georgia, it is hot.  We’ve already had several 90+ days, and that’s unusual for this time of year.  I’m especially worried about my cool season crops that haven’t quite made it to maturity.  But, the good news is that I’ve started a new garden bed!  I’m planning on a much bigger fall planting this year:

Ignore the triumphant pose - this photo was originally taken for my Grandfather's benefit

The new bed is currently in the process of solarizing – I’ve laid a translucent sheet of plastic over the ground, and I’ll leave it there for about two weeks.  It will totally destroy everything under my garden bed – something I wish I had done for the first bed, because some grass has tried to peek through in spite of the landscape fabric.

One thing that I’ve especially been thinking about is my lack of planning for this season.  About two months ago, I basically said “Hey, I’m gonna do my garden this year!” and just went out and planted a bunch of stuff.  It’s great that I have so much in the ground right now, but at best this means we’ll have fresh produce for only about half the year.  In Georgia’s mild climate, and with a few season extending techniques, I could do much better.

And finally….drumroll please…we have chickens!  Two Splash Orpingtons about two months old and one 3 1/2 month old Australorp (pullets).  Here’s a close up of then in their hand-built coop (dedicated post to come later):

I consider these ladies a part of my gardening effort, because not only do they provide home grown nutrition for my family, they also will provide great poop powered compost for my veggies!  I can’t wait for fresh eggs!!!

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