It’s time to officially introduce the three new ladies in our family – we have chickens!  Here’s a picture of them doing what they like best – eating…

The older (bigger) one is a 3 1/2 month old Australorp, and the two smaller ones are Splash Orpingtons.  I decided to name my chickens after country singers, because 1) it just seemed appropriate for chickens and 2) no matter how many chickens I have I won’t run out of names!  The Australorp’s name is Loretta, the lady looking at the camera is Tammy and the one in the back is Reba. 🙂

I also built a custom coop for them (with a little help from the husband).  They’ve got a cozy nesting area in the back and a protected run in the front.  The whole coop is portable, although we’ve yet to find good wheels for the back.  They’re out in the yard most of the time, although they’re going to have to take turns with Jerry, at least for a little while…

What have you put in MY yard???

Here’s a close-up shot of the door in the back I added for ventilation (and a little peek into the nesting area):

We probably won’t have fresh eggs for about a month and a half at least, but until then they are making good compost for the garden!  I think the chickens are going to fit in nicely with my plan to provide food for my family in my own backyard.  Stay posted for the first eggs, and an update on inter-species harmony in the yard!

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