A Very Rotten Update

I am very interested in reducing waste, natural lawn care, and producing food from our land with very little outside input.  All three of those goals have one thing in common: compost, and lots of it.  Our previous compost bin was less than satisfactory.  Small, plastic, and very hard to aerate (which made for some very stinky decomposition)…

Good riddance

There are a lot of great plans in a composting book I have, Let it Rot!: The Gardener’s Guide to Composting.  I especially like the idea of a multi-bin system, so I could have some compost finishing while I’m working on the next pile.   So with a combination of information from the book and the design of Crafster member Gwydion, I constructed my own two bin system:

It’s about 3x3x5 feet, divided by metal screening.  We’re planning on getting some corrugated fiberglass to make a lid, in order to keep out the most excessive rains.  I’ve already got one side that’s nearly finished, while the new pile is doing well (after a very stinky week after 25 pounds of spent brewing grains were dumped in there!).  I’m about to use the finished pile in my new garden bed, and I’m hoping I’ll have a lot of finished compost by next spring, since I plan to double my garden again.  So get out there folks, and get your hands dirty!!

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