Local Envy

We have recently discovered that we love Asheville, NC, and apparently we’re not alone:

For the last two years, the Asheville Grown movement has been remaking the face of this sleepy mountain city.  You can’t turn the corner downtown without one of their signs popping out in front of you:

Poster in a downtown tavern

Arguably one of the most fantastic aspects of the local movement in Asheville is the craft beer scene – there are no less than 11 craft breweries within the Asheville city limits and over 30 in Western North Carolina (lovingly called WNC by locals) alone.  This is a full on taste bud assault to please pretty much any palate.  We chatted with one of the local bartenders and while he seem genuinely enthusiastic about the local movement, he did admit “it can be pretty…overwhelming.”  The breweries even partner with other aspects of local production, including serving locally sourced pretzels and spicy mustard in their taprooms (thanks Green Man) or Highland Brewery sponsoring the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project for a local food bash one Saturday night.  I’m writing this even now waiting to head over to Pisgah Organic Brewing in Black Mountain for the 2nd Annual WNC Highland Celtic Festival.  Time to go celebrate with local food, local drink, and some awesome folk music.  Gee I sure do love me some folk music. 🙂

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5 Responses to Local Envy

  1. Kim says:

    I had a terrific Pisgah IPA last weekend. Seriously, the best beer I’ve had in forever. Perfect!

    • Jessie says:

      Pisgah’s IPA is awesome. You absolutely have to make it to French Broad though, especially if you’re a fan of dark beers. Their Stout and Porter are ridiculous

  2. Michelle Rayburn says:

    I totally get it – as much as Mike wants to move to New Hampshire, I want to move to NC! My cousins live there and each do their own brewing, as well…and they’re super good. Have fun!

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