Unfinished Business

My alarm clock is very inconsistent.  I can never tell when it will go off.  Sometimes it’s as much as an hour and a half off from the previous day.  It’s like my alarm clock is alive.

Oh yeah, my alarm clock really is alive – it’s my 16 month old daughter.  I think it’s even worse in the summer months, where the sky starts lighting up at an unholy 6:00 in the morning (sorry all you early birds, 6 am is not my cup o’ tea).  She’ll wake up anywhere from 6 to 7:30 and even 8 on a rare occasion.  So, I thought I would make her some curtains, to keep some of the light out of the room.  I drew up a cute pattern from some scrap and discounted fabric and cut out some squares…and then it sat about a month.

Then I sewed some of the squares together…and it sat about a month (or two).

Then I finally hemmed the edges, and my dear husband hung them for me while I was at work.  Finally, they are finished!

I’m telling you all of this because I’m tired of my unfinished projects.  I have so much trouble focusing on one thing.  I’m definitely an idea person when it comes to crafts – I’m always thinking of the next thing, the neat idea to use something I saved.  Sadly, that can keep me from finishing other projects, especially things that might be useful (like helping me sleep longer!).  I’m going to start scouring the house for other projects left behind, maybe I can whip this place into shape!

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