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A Tiny Beginning

Celery seedling in an easy eggshell seed starter

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Easy Tomato Protection

My backyard is a vibrant and active environment for wildlife.  Normally I like that, but there is one front for which I am constantly fighting nature: My tomatoes. This is the second time I have tried to grow tomatoes in … Continue reading

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Using Spent Brewing Grains

  My husband is a home brewer, and a darn good one at that (I might be biased).  It’s a great way to get excellent craft brews at significantly below retail prices, but it leaves us with one problem – … Continue reading

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A Very Rotten Update

I am very interested in reducing waste, natural lawn care, and producing food from our land with very little outside input.  All three of those goals have one thing in common: compost, and lots of it.  Our previous compost bin … Continue reading

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Food Waste Friday

Every Friday, Kristen over at the The Frugal Girl posts a picture of her food waste. She invites other bloggers to join in her effort to save money and reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away in our … Continue reading

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The Great House Purge of 2011

Where did all this stuff come from????? Seriously though, it’s gotten out of hand around here.  It feels like a monumental effort to keep the house picked up on a daily basis, and I constantly find myself wondering what is … Continue reading

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I Can’t Save the World

My husband is frequently the target of (good natured) ribbing because of me.  “Your wife still trying to save the planet?”, he gets asked by his friends.  Well, yeah.  Yeah I am. But I know I can’t do it alone. … Continue reading

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