Clean Your Lint Trap – I Mean *Really* Clean It

Most people are aware that pulling the lint out of the dryer lint trap in between cycles will make it more energy efficient.  But did you know that just because you get all the lint out of your trap, that doesn’t mean it is clean?A lot of things in your dryer, especially dryer sheets, can leave oils and other residues on the mesh of your lint trap.  This makes it a lot harder for air and moisture to pass through the mesh, making your dryer have to work that much harder to get your clothes dry.  An easy way to test if your lint trap needs cleaning is to run a little water over it:


See how the water is beading up?  Even though it looks clean, very little can actually pass through.  Now that you’re here at the kitchen sink, just scrub it with a little dish soap and rinse well:


Yay!  No more water beading.  You’ll be amazed at how much faster your clothes will dry.  This is especially good if you think your poor dryer is giving out – try this before you replace it!

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2 Responses to Clean Your Lint Trap – I Mean *Really* Clean It

  1. Jessica Hutchison Sasser says:

    Love this Jessie! I will be passing these on to friends! Just signed up to get your e-mails! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    ~Jessica Hutchison Sasser

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