The Great House Purge of 2011 – July Update

If you read this previous post, then you know that I have begun an epic house purge.  It’s gotten out of hand around these parts, and I’ve just been tired of trying to clean it all up.  I’m happy to report that progress has been good, albeit slow:

This is the current state of the “purge room” – a spare room in the house that I am piling up all the stuff that’s on its way out. (No, the stuffed horse is here to stay – it’s just in temporary storage until my daughter isn’t so wary of it!)  I find that I’m so concerned about keeping things out of landfills that I need a lot of time to coordinate disposal that I need to pile it all up and tackle that part at the end.

I’ve already had some nice room successes, like our bedroom closet, in which you can now actually see the floor…

Previously the land where dustbunnies had dustbunnies

… and a nice uncluttered master bedroom (essential for proper relaxation):

peace and tranquility

There are still some notable problem areas, like the office, and the notorious split level closet I like to call the “hobbit closet”:


And no, I swear that’s not a dead animal in that box – it’s a Halloween costume wig.  That’s just how ridiculous that closet actually is.  I’m guessing I’m not going to gather up the courage for that until last.

At this rate, it looks like the purge will last all year, but it’s worth it.  And I’m hoping posting pictures of all this mess will convince me to keep going!

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