Craft Time: Magnet Letters

Fair warning – I got a little picture happy on this one, but I had a good time. 😉

I went out to the mailbox this morning, and this is what I found.  An advertising magnet that had already peeled apart in the elements.  Normally this kind of thing would go straight in the trash, but I thought “Hey, I can do something with a magnet!”

First, I cut some shiny paper from the back of a used greeting card:

Then I glued up the front side of the magnet:

Take this opportunity to go wash your hands while the glue sets up a little, because if you’re anything like me, you just spread it with your finger.  Then put the cut up card down on the glue and press down with something heavy:

It just seemed fitting somehow...

And then here’s where you get creative.  For me, I drew letter magnets with a permanent marker but feel free to do whatever you like.

Sorry, I got a little cut happy before the picture

Just cut out your designs and voila!  Nearly free magnets for the kids.  (Note: Make sure your child is not putting things in their mouth anymore, because these are not baby-proof)  Happy crafting!

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