What I’ve Been Up To

Sorry for the hiatus – it’s been a pretty busy week.  I thought I’d catch up by letting you know what I’ve been up to, in the style of SouleMama‘s “right now” posts:

Lately I’ve been…

:: chasing around a toddler in her big girl panties.

:: cleaning up accidents on the floor.  And the couch.  And the bed. <sigh>

:: happy that the accidents are getting fewer.

:: fighting with the avalanche of clutter getting put by the wayside.

:: trying to get the chickens to drink out of their new waterer.

:: planting new crops for a late fall harvest.

:: experimenting with a new found love of baking.

:: relishing being at home again now that my husband has a new job.

:: wondering how to manage work, motherhood, wifery, house, fun, and the rest of life.

:: knowing that some of those often overlap.

This is Jessie, signing off, reminding all of you to live in the moment!

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