Squirreling Away for the Winter

I’m taking a cue from the squirrels, and putting away some of summer’s bounty for leaner times:

My first attempt at piecing together a panorama.  Not the best work, but I had fun!

The sweet potatoes are from my grandfather’s garden.  They are already cured, so they just went into a paper sack.  The tomatoes and peaches are from the farmer’s market.  When one of the farmers heard that I was canning, he offered me his basket of damaged tomatoes for half price.  Score!  Out of this bounty I got two quarts of peaches and three quarts of tomatoes.

I’m currently using a storage room for excess produce.  It’s at the very bottom of the house, so it stays pretty cool with the AC running (and trust me, the AC is running quite a bit right now).  In the winter, I’ll close the vents and put a towel under the door, so it turns into a makeshift root cellar.  Apple season is just barely started here in Georgia, so I can’t wait to put away some apples!  I’ll have to research good keeping varieties.

What are you planning to store for the winter?

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2 Responses to Squirreling Away for the Winter

  1. Kim says:

    Jessie, do you know of a good apple orchard/pick your own/fun farm in the area? I’m needing a little early fall fix in a few weeks.

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