Garden Update – August

Hey everybody!  I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve given you a garden update (even though it’s only been  2 months), but that’s probably because so much has happened since then!  First of all, here’s an overall shot of the veggie garden:

It has been so hot around these parts lately, but the veggies seem to love it!  Especially note my one tomato plant – do you think he likes it there?

The rest of the right hand bed is partially planted with another round of Maxibel Haricot bush beans (loved them this Spring) and cooling down for a bed of Napoli F1 carrots and a square of celery and lettuce right under the tomato canopy.  The cover is a polyester mesh fabric I’m using as 1) a shade cloth and 2) chicken deterrent!  My girls sure do love to dig in the fresh dirt!

Speaking of chicken deterrent, here’s what I did in my lettuce pot (top right of the main picture):

I just broke up a couple of sturdy stick and just stuck them in the soil.  Since my chickens get plenty of access to greens, they aren’t really interested in my garden plants, just the dirt and the tasty bugs inside.  This is just enough sticks to keep any chicken that doesn’t care for a poke in the rear out of my pot!  See all my little seedlings popping up?

Since we’ve got a chicken deterrent-themed garden update going on, I’ll share one more with you.  I’ve had a problem with the chickens walking through my two squares of black beans (I know, not many but it’s just a test planting this year), so I’ve started to put up a fence:

I’m going to weave some twine in and out of those sticks to make a sort of chicken fence.  I’m kind of amused at this point though, because it looks like some sort of medieval defense line at the moment.

Well, there’s a lot more to share, but I won’t overload you in all one post.  Feel free to share your garden stories in the comments section!

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