Food Waste Friday – Meh

Every Friday, Kristen over at The Frugal Girl posts a picture of her food waste. She invites other bloggers to join in her effort to save money and reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away in our country every day.

I have mixed emotions about today’s food waste.

On the right are a few leftover egg noodles.  We had lots of noodles left over from beef stroganoff.  Next time I think we’re only going to make enough for exactly half the noodles, so we don’t get tired of it and there’s no waste.

On the left is about a half serving or full toddler serving of chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, all homemade, down to the noodles.  This was my first attempt ever at making pasta, and it really didn’t come out that well.  They were entirely too thick and therefore chewy.  To boot, the chicken was from a crock pot chicken that turned out tough (I know, right?).  So I ask, how do you feel about food waste when it’s just not very good?

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3 Responses to Food Waste Friday – Meh

  1. That’s when it’s good to have a dog! A neighbour’s dog?!

  2. I think that we should never eat something just to have it not be wasted. Doesn’t that make us human garbage disposals? Sometimes, things don’t work out. I am learning this lesson myself.

  3. Oh I know what you mean….and it’s a tough question. I guess I won’t be as sad as when it’s yummy food, but I keep telling myself that food is still food…

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