Save the Local Produce!

While browsing the internet, I stumbled across an article about local British plums rotting on the tree because stores are stocking cheaper foreign fruits instead.  Apparently grocery stores in the UK are stocking their shelves with plums from Spain and beyond, even though consumers are clamoring for fresh local food.  So I say, why not circumvent the grocery store all together and open them up for U-Pick?

Last week a couple of girlfriends and I went to Reece Apple Orchards in Elijay, Georgia for a U-Pick apple adventure.  I came home not only with a half peck of apples, but also some local tomatoes, potatoes, lots of lovely little winter squashes, and this apple peeler/corer/slicer.  We’re all excited about going back in about a month when the winter keeping apples are ripe.   I’ve been really trying to experiment with long term food storage – canning, freezing, root cellaring and the like.

Have you been interested in food storage?  Share your adventures (and follies) in the comments!


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