No More (Chicken) Drama

Cue up the Mary J Blige folks, ‘cuz there’s no more drama in our lives

Well, maybe at least in the backyard.

This is the area behind our garage.  You can only see this area if you’re standing on the far side of the backyard or closer to the back.  I’ve turned the patch of ground from the back of the garage to the garden shed into a chicken run.  All together it cost about $100, and most of the cost went into the plastic poultry netting, which I consider a great investment.  It’s so much easier to work with than the wire stuff, and for my application, is perfectly fine.  The fence is held up with steel U-Posts and zip ties, and anchored into the ground with landscaping pins.  I’m not really sure how long this structure will be up, so I decided to go with cheap and temporary.

My most ingenious shortcut however, has to be the “gates”:

…which is nothing more then a board with some hook and eyes…

They are a little fussy to open and close, but for the (lack of) effort, totally worth it.  I think the chickens are going to need some time to get used to the new digs, but they look like they are taking it pretty well:

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