Garden Update – November

Cold weather is whispering, just around the corner, but the garden is still going strong.  There’s a lovely bed of lettuce that just needs the occasional nighttime blanket…

…and my perpetually bolting cilantro has finally taken a foothold.

A few carrots and lonely green beans survived excessive heat and chicken pecking and are still working…

… and my garlic has sprouted 100%.  Hopefully I planted it at the right time – I’m a garlic n00b.

Tasks remaining before the winter:

  • Anxiously wait for the rest of the tomatoes to ripen, while picking off any suckers.  I swear this tomato plant is a monster that won’t give it up!  Eventually I’ll trim it, pull it up and hang it in the basement to allow the remaining tomatoes a chance to ripen.
  • Mulch mature plants that will overwinter.
  • Smother grass and weeds under future garden beds.  Spring is going to see a great expansion of the garden.
  • Harvest lettuce and eat delicious salads sweetened by the cold!
  • Set up a glass shelf in the kitchen window for winter herbs (more on this soon).
  • Gather seed catalogs and knitting and get ready to dream the winter away.
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