A Financial Milestone

I usually don’t talk about our finances much on this blog, but this feeds well into the whole “Jessie : Improved” theme so I had to share – we finally reached our emergency fund goals!  We now have 3 full months of current living expenses in an online savings account.  Obviously if my husband and I were to be out of work at the same time, we would ratchet down expenses and probably make this last twice as long.  This has been a long time coming.  We’ve been debt free except for the mortgage for a while, but our savings goals have eluded us.  We are thrifty in day to day purchases, but any time we have cash on hand we’re ready to do a long awaiting home renovation or take that next international trip we’ve been dreaming of.

We finally had to stop everything until the emergency fund was set up.  Now we have the exciting (and overwhelming) task of planning our next steps!

On a random note (and so this post has a picture!) I decided to start writing my to-do lists in a notebook instead of on the fridge whiteboard.  I’ve heard this creates a nice sense of accomplishment because you can look back at all the things you’ve done.  I decided to break out one of the awesome notebooks I bought in Japan when I did a language immersion program in college.  I figured the um, unusual choices in vocabulary and grammar would make me more pleased to pick it up:

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1 Response to A Financial Milestone

  1. Congrats on getting your emergency fund up to snuff. I know what you mean about renovations and savings we went through the same thing. We have quite a few updates we want to do but it’s hard dipping into the savings. In the end if the renovations hike the value of your home it’s money in your pocket. I’ve been posting our financial budget in hopes of holding down the forces with our goals for 2012. Keep up the good work.

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