Planning My Menu OR Performing a Home Root Canal

Okay, okay, menu planning is probably not that bad, but for some reason, I have just not been able to make myself do it.  I watch The Frugal Girl do it every week (her menu plan is up today in fact).  And then earlier this month I read a menu planning post by Anisa over at The Lazy Homesteader and said “Yes! Now is the time!  I can do this!”… and sat on it for about two weeks.

Why do I want to make myself do this so badly, when it clearly pains me?  For one, I’m tired of multiple trips to the grocery store during the week.  I would love to just go once to the grocery and once to the farmer’s market and be done with it.  Secondly, if I plan my menus around what’s left in the fridge, it should really help avoid food waste.  Thirdly, it should make the grocery list and the actual shopping trip a faster and less painful affair, since the former is usually hobbled together when the hubs is at work and the latter is done with a toddler in the basket.  So with no further ado, here is my menu plan for the coming week, in all it’s glory:

Breakfasts:  Greek yogurt with honey or strawberry bits that have already been processed and are in the freezer, scrambled eggs, bacon, homemade toast, whole grain freezer waffles with maple syrup

Lunches:  Monday night’s pork roast will make BBQ sandwiches for lunches, leftovers

Saturday: Our daughter is spending the weekend with grandparents, and we are having a date night, so no cooking here!

Sunday: We’ll be headed to our hometown to throw a birthday party for our daughter (she is turning 2) in the afternoon, so dinner will be cheddar corn chowder from the freezer.

Monday: BBQ pork roast, oven recipe

Tuesday: Buttermilk roast chicken, red potatoes, fresh veggie

Wednesday: Wednesday night is my knitting group, so leftovers here

Thursday: Ribeye steaks, risotto, salad

Friday: We eat small meat portions, so the ribeyes will last us a second night

Hopefully I can make this a weekly occurrence, although I will probably not dedicate an entire post to it in the future. I’ll let you know next week if this all works out!

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