Saturday Links and Menu Plan

Happy Saturday folks!  I thought I’d share with you some stuff I found around the interwebs this week, so here goes:

Reviving a Prehistoric Flower – 30,000 year old seeds from an ice-age squirrel burrow?  Sweet!  And it’s a nice looking plant too!

The Huge Footprint of Farmed Shrimp – I stress “farmed” shrimp here, even though the titles of most other posts on the internet do not.  I try to know the origin of all my seafood anyway, so hopefully I’m already avoiding this.  Just know if you’re eating shrimp at a fast food joint, it’s almost invariably coming from one of these places.

More Evidence that Factory Farming is Killing Us – How many more superbugs are they going to have to find on factory farms before they stop pumping antibiotics into all the livestock?  I have a great fear that this is where our next global pandemic is going to come from.

and one more happy link to balance this all out…

LEGO Buys $500M worth of Wind Turbines – Go LEGO!  One of my favorite toys of all time just got greener!

And now for the menu plan:


Lunch: BBQ (from the freezer) sandwiches and chips
Dinner: Daughter’s off with Grandma, and it’s poker night for the boys, so I’ll just raid leftovers.


Lunch/Dinner:  Family get-together today, so lunch and dinner will probably come from the pot-luck.

Lunches during the week: Chili, homemade bread, crackers

Monday: Pecan crusted tilapia, scalloped potatoes, and veggie

Tuesday: Szechuan pork stir-fry from the latest Cook’s Illustrated with green beans

Wednesday: Knit Night, leftovers

Thursday: Pan seared chicken breast, peas with garlic and shallots, homemade stuffing mix

Friday:  Leftovers, or possibly date night

Hooray, I actually made a menu plan, twice even!  Let’s see if I can keep this running…

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