Finding Center

This is not a knitting blog, so I usually don’t post about my projects, but yesterday I cast on for Hanami

Hanami (hah-nah-mee) is the Japanese tradition of appreciating the beauty of flowers, almost always referring to the cherry blossom.  I love it that the Japanese have a dedicated word for something so simple, so contemplative.  The stole starts in a very traditionally Japanese basket weave pattern and flows seamlessly into a cascade of cherry blossom petals.

I used a 950 yard hank of merino in a color called “Hey Kitten!”.  It took me nearly two hours to wind the yarn into a center pull ball (I always wind by hand).  I think the computer is depriving the ball of its wonderful purplish pink undertones:

Hanami is a notoriously fickle but incredibly popular pattern (currently 1153 projects on Ravelry).  The charts are complex, not always symmetrical, and easy to lose track of.  This is a pattern that requires one slows down, to contemplate much in the way that a cherry bloom should be enjoyed.

Working with beads and yarn requires patience

I believe that in this moment of my life I could use a little more of this, a little more quiet, a little more focus – perhaps Hanami can be my path back to the center, back to a place I knew before becoming a work at home mother, before taking on all of this wonderful but overwhelming responsibility.

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3 Responses to Finding Center

  1. Jennifer C. says:

    Beautiful pattern and beautifully written post.

  2. Kim says:

    That yarn looks wonderfully soft and delicious! I believe that an utterly lovable yarn is the key to Hanami completion. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride. I found the basketweave chart challenging in the extreme, mostly because of the changeability of the stitch count, and the need to move markers on some rows. After you finish that chart, though, it is pure pleasure. I loved doing the blossoms.

  3. Barb says:

    Yay! Another Hanami on the way. I too found the basketweave challenging. After that it went pretty fast.

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