Touch it Once Update

Quite some time ago, I posted on the “Touch it Once” rule for house cleaning and general life organizery.  The short story is that no matter what you do, you always finish it/put it up/clean it up before moving on to the next thing.  I was going to try this out to see if it could help me keep my house up to the standard I wish for so longingly.

Cleaner than it's been in a while, no, don't ask me to turn to the left...

To put it bluntly, it was an epic fail.

I’m not sure my mind works that way.  I’ve always been a periodic big cleaner, putting on the headphones and slogging through it.  This worked fine before I was a mother, but now I feel like the mess gets away from me faster than I can keep up.  Over the weekend I snapped and went on a cleaning binge of the main floor (kitchen, living, and dining room), and I have to say they all look pretty good – at the moment.  We’ll see how kind this week is to the house.

So, I’d love to hear any thoughts on this subject, especially from those that are trying to juggle staying at home with their children and possibly working as well.  At this point I think I’m going to have to go back to cleaning schedules – they’ve worked well in the past and they might work again.  I think I’ll just have to be a little more flexible on the dates.  In the world of a 2 year old, cleaning the office on a Tuesday might just not be on the docket.  I’m going to try to come up with some sort of schedule this week and update you all soon.  Happy cleaning!!

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4 Responses to Touch it Once Update

  1. tipper says:

    When my girls were small and at home I had a schedule-and I kept it up even after they went to school. But in the last year-since I went back to work outside the home in so many years-my schedule is laughable : ) I miss the days when I felt like I had it all under control : ) I find the touch it once rule interesting!

  2. I just let the mess build up. Once the kids are in bed I toss everything back where it should be, finish the washing up and wipe down all the sides. It takes me half and hour. First thing in the morning I spend an hour doing all the rest – changing bedsheets, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etc.
    It works for us – but I don’t pretend my house is immaculate, even when it has just been cleaned.

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