Thompson Farms Receives a Step 5+ Animal Welfare Rating

As I learn more about food production and pay more attention to what I eat, one of the most important issues for me is where my meat comes from.  There is so much evidence mounting that pastured meats are healthier for you, better for the environment, and safer for all of us.  This is why I’m so excited to announce that the Global Animal Partnership‘s very first 5+ Animal Welfare Rating was awarded to Thompson Farms here in my home state of Georgia!

This basically means that the pigs spend their entire life on the same farm, completely pastured and not confined.  They are never fed antibiotics, animal by-products, or generally treated un-pig-like.  Pregnant sows are not crated; there are no animals standing in a pool of their own waste.  There is no need to dock tails because the animals have enough room to be happy.

I know for a lot of people, pastured meat seems very expensive.  It’s true, it costs quite a bit more than factory farmed meat, and it may mean you have to eat a little less.  But hey, apparently Americans eat too much meat anyway, so maybe this is a good opportunity!

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