GROW! Film Review

Last night a few of us went to a screening of GROW! at a local synagogue.  The film follows the stories of a group of young farmers all over Georgia, starting a new generation of passion for growing food and raising animals the way we used to, before chemicals, monocultures, and large industrial feeding operations worked their way into our food system.

The film was a great inspiration – it offered some hope and a solution in the wake of so many (very worthy) films that highlight the problems of our food system.  I loved seeing all the farmers, many of who were around my age or younger, some fresh out of college.  So many of them had intended to be doctors, lawyers, or some other high paying profession, but they all felt the call to do something that felt more real to them.  To connect to the land.  And the food.  By no means am I saying people shouldn’t be doctors or lawyers – if that is your call, then we as a people need you there.  My only hope is that people will question their future, find out what they really want to do, and not let the pressures of society steer them in another direction.

I highly recommend the film if you’re lucky enough to have a screening near you.  In the meantime, they are planning to offer the film for download in early summer and hopefully in a more tangible version later in the year.  It was nice to see something that reminded me of why I’m doing what I do.  What keeps you going?

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