Independence Days Challenge 2012 – Week 7

Producing more food for my family and becoming generally more self-sufficient has been one of my long time goals now, so I was excited to see the Independence Days Challenge is back on Sharon Astyk’s excellent blog The Chatelaine’s Keys. So each week on Thursdays I’m going to post what I’ve done in each category in the past week.  I’m hoping that this will be the additional motivation I need to reach real food independence!

My little ladies are in their permanent home!  I’m keeping the tractor closed for now until 1) they are a little older and safer and 2) they cement it in their little chicken brains that this is their new home!  In a few weeks I’ll open it up and they’ll have access to a significant fenced in area behind my garage, and will periodically get let out to forage the entire backyard (with supervision because my last chickens destroyed the garden!).

(Yes I’m aware that my feeder is rusty.  I promise, it’s not rusty on the inside!  I’m on the scope-out for a new container to put on top.)

Plant Something:  Mesclun mix, zuchinni, carrots.  I finally set my tomato plants out – couldn’t ignore the weather any longer and I was having a hard time regulating the moisture in the pots.  Lots of new stuff coming up, including more radishes, previously mentioned mesclun mix, and cilantro.

Harvest Something: We’re kind of “slim pickins” (pun intended) in this department at the moment.  Lots of things are growing but nothing is quite ready yet.  Just some herbs this week, but I expect some radishes and perhaps some spinach in the next week or two.  I had a weird gap between my winter garden and my spring garden this year.  I think better planning could fix that.

Preserve Something: Nope.

Waste Not:  I did have a no waste week last week, which is awesome.

Want Not:  Bought a bunch of potatoes on sale and made make-ahead twice baked potatoes.  Got something big in this department for next week though.

Eat the Food:  Blah, this week was bad for cooking, but we did eat, and mostly at home.

Build Community Food Systems:  I went to a local synagogue to watch a screening of GROW!, a documentary about young farmers in Georgia.  We had the pleasure of having the filmmakers and one of the farmers at the screening to answer questions.  It was a great night to connect with other people in the area that care about food and farming.

Skill Up:  I built a natural trellis for my peas.  Pictures forthcoming in the next garden update.

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9 Responses to Independence Days Challenge 2012 – Week 7

  1. Oh, your chicks are just adorable! They grow up so fast!!! Ours look huge already! Hope you have a fabulous week!

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