Food Waste Friday – A Solution

FoodWasteFriday Every Friday, Kristen over at The Frugal Girl posts a picture of her food waste. She invites other bloggers to join in her effort to save money and reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away in our country every day.

Food Waste Friday 3/29/2012

This week’s waste – half of an apple.  This apple is from a fall U-Pick trip, and the 1/2 peck kept very well in the basement individually wrapped in newspaper.  A month or so ago, I made applesauce out of most of the remains, but kept a few of the really good looking ones out for fresh eating.  This was definitely a back of the fridge casualty, because my daughter loves apples.  Also not pictured: some wrinkly outside stalks of celery that went into the compost.  I used the good inside stalks to make chicken stock.  The apple will go to my chickens – I hate to waste food but at least now some of my waste will be diverting chicken feed costs, so the monetary loss is not as great.

In positive food waste news, I think I’ve come up with a schema that will really help us cut down on waste even more.  I’ve always envied super organized fridges full of bins and compartments, so I thought I’d give it a shot:

Fridge Bin Eat Me!

Hmmm...looking a little full

Any leftovers or cooking components at the end of their shelf life go into the bin.  That way anyone going fridge diving only has one place to look, and no leftovers get lost to the back of the fridge.  I’ve only just started with my fridge organization – stay tuned for a post once I’ve completed the mission.

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7 Responses to Food Waste Friday – A Solution

  1. Hope you new bin works. It should help with keeping things from hiding in the back of fridge until its too late. Good luck.

  2. Ma says:

    Great idea

  3. Jess says:

    I’ll keep checking back for the fridge organizing. I have got my freezer down to a science, but the fridge is another story. I have started keeping all the leftover bits together and that’s helped a bit, but it’s still not very organized. Half an apple – great job!

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