{ this moment }

A single moment, no words, thank you SouleMama

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9 Responses to { this moment }

  1. oh, i love this trail of children! Are they holding chicks? What ever it is, they are certainly engrossed…all four of them…and that’s worth big money!
    our moment is my 12 yr. old and a book project:


    have a lovely weekend, Jessie!

  2. Hannah says:

    We have chickens and love when the babies leave the brooder and become little “grown-ups”.

    Here is mine.. a blast from the past:


  3. scwendy says:

    They are all so engaged! Love this time of year with the little chicks:)


  4. emma says:

    Yay! Chickens! I have chicken envy – next year perhaps….

    here’s our moment… http://oakbeforeash.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/this-moment-wheels.html

  5. Funky Mommy says:

    We have chicks around here too and we are getting an Angora Bunny for our “Urban Sheep” this weekend.


  6. kristinalp says:

    Chickens! We sold our chickens during the fall, and watching everyone get their chicks this spring is making miss them so much. Enjoy your chickens. We sure loved ours.


  7. What a stunning photo, so very impressed. You just let out a happy sigh when you see it C:

  8. Kylie says:

    I the trail of children with chickens in hand.

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