Saturday Links and Menu Plan(ish)

Happy Saturday folks!  We’ve got a busy day ahead of us – the hub’s stepfather is retiring and we’re celebrating his long years of service to a local EMC.  I don’t have any time to put together a real menu plan, but I can tell you that we’ll be smoking both ribs and a Boston butt from our Riverview Farms meat CSA on Sunday – we’ll be eating the ribs for dinner and turning the butt into BBQ sandwiches for the week.  The garden really isn’t producing much yet, so this will be supplemented with some farmer’s market (and some grocery store) veg and other sides.

Quite a few things on the interwebs caught my eye this week – for a full dose of what interests me, you can follow me on Twitter.

And in closing, I’d just like to say, “Leave my chickens alone.  Yes, I’m talking to you…”

Leave my chickens alone

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2 Responses to Saturday Links and Menu Plan(ish)

  1. tipper says:

    Yum the smoked meat sounds yummy : ) Thanks for the links too!

  2. Tammy says:

    Great links. I’m glad that canning is coming back around.

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