Attack of the Paper

We have a problem around here folks, a problem with PAPER.  Bills, invitations, important mail, and most recently, preschool papers and artwork.  There are little stacks here and there, and big stacks up in the office.  Now, periodically I go through and sort, scanning and shredding anything important, only keeping what absolutely has to stay in a hard copy.  The first time I did this, I had over 10 years of paper to go through, and it took me nearly a week.  You would think this would be good enough, and  yet it still gets away from us…

Little piles, scattered about the house

I’m hoping by posting my clutter for the world to see, that I’ll do something about it.  I think the biggest problem we have at the moment is that our paper handling operation is in the office, which is upstairs and the least traveled room in the house.  It’s entirely too easy to make it the dumping ground, just tossing things you don’t have time to clean when you’re in a pinch.  I’d love to set up a mail station on the main floor, but I’m having a hard time finding a good spot for it.  The recycling bin is already right outside the kitchen door, so we’re good there.  What solutions have you guys come up with to handle the flood of paper coming into the house?

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4 Responses to Attack of the Paper

  1. throve says:

    I am thinking of doing the scanning of our papers to reduce the clutter. Thanks for the inspiration. Do you shred your paper and put them in your compost? Are you a Flylady gal, by any chance?

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