Goals Update – April

Well, it’s been a while since I have posted any goals, so I thought I’d give you guys an update.  I noticed the other day that I have posted quite a few intentions on this blog over the past couple of months, and haven’t followed up on several of them.  So I’m going to dig back through my posts and lay them all out for you in the hopes that I actually do them!

  1. Organize the fridge – This came out of one of my food waste posts.  I got a couple of baskets and I really like them, but I need to take it all the way…
  2. Declutter the paper – I really need to figure out a paper solution for this house.  Hiding it all up in the office just isn’t cutting it.
  3. Make a cleaning schedule – Apparently the “touch it once” rule just does not work for me, so I’m going to have to come up with a schedule that works for our house.

… and a few extras that don’t have explicit blog posts:

  1. Eat up the home canning – We still have about a dozen cans in the basement from last year’s canning season, and we need to free up the jars for this year.  I anticipate canning a whole lot more this season, especially since my tomato plant collection went from one to six.
  2. Store water – I’ve sure been stocking up on food and learning how to grow my own to gain some measure of food security, but I have completely ignored the idea of storing drinking water.  I’d like to have about a week’s worth of potable water for an emergency.

What are your goals?

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2 Responses to Goals Update – April

  1. Good for you! I kicked off the year with some specific resolutions and I blog on the last day of each month an update on how I’m doing with each one. I struggle with some more than others, but I figure the accountability will help motivate me to keep trying until they become ingrained into my daily life 🙂

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