Garden Update – April

I am currently on a journey to provide healthy, chemical free food for my family from our own land.  My goal is to provide over half of our fresh produce during the year – I’m nowhere near there yet, but I believe it’s possible!  I’ll be posting my progress at least once a month.

It’s my last week to squeak in a garden update for April, so I guess I should get to it, huh?

The garden is offering up only a bit here and there, but it sure is huge!  The peas, tomatoes, potato, and garlic plants are quite large.

I’ve got basil, cilantro, and dill in my herb bed since the last update:

I’ve got tiny green beans forming, strawberries filling out, and I see the first of the cherry tomatoes just starting to peek out:

Almost all of my brand new asparagus crowns are showing spears.  I’m excited about the prospect of perennial veggies, but it’s going to be kind of sad to watch them this year without picking anything:

Oh, and since the ladies came to say hey, I guess I’ll let them say hello to all of you as well…

What's going on over here?

What’s growing in your neck of the woods?

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3 Responses to Garden Update – April

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  2. Your garden is wonderful! You have so much space and I love your raised beds. I’m hoping to put raised beds in soon. I miss having a nice sized garden. (sigh).

    Love the pic of your hens. Aren’t they fun. They look so happy. What kind are they? Since we now have a divided back yard with our dog safely fenced into his side, city chickens are becoming a possiblilty. I sure miss having my girls and hope to get some more soon.

    • Jessie says:

      Thank you! The are Buff Rocks – I got that breed because they are supposed to be very docile and I have a toddler. So far so good. The do mob me when I go outside though, but that’s probably because I take their food up in the daytime so they’ll forage!! I can’t wait for eggs, I’m thinking August.

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