In the Moment

SouleMama posted her “right now” post this morning, and I’m inspired to do the same.  If you haven’t read Amanda’s blog, then have you been living under a rock why don’t you head over there and take a look?  Some of the blogs I read are informative, some are educational, but hers is downright inspiring.

Today I am…

recovering from a long Sunday of cooking for the freezer.  I cooked biscuits, made mozzarella (for the first time!) and ricotta, baked ziti, baked macaroni and cheese, and the hubs smoked a chicken, ribs, and italian sausage.  I think we’re good for a while. 😉

contemplating adding a few more boxes to my potato plants.  They are as tall as me!

thrilled that I picked enough green beans for dinner.  I see some sauteed beans with balsamic and honey in our future!

pleased that my new cleaning schedule is actually working, and my house is slowly but surely cleaning up.

amused that I still have to clean a little to take a clutter-free picture of my ziti.

hoping for a tranquil week with a little bit cooler weather, and maybe just a little rain.

What are you up to?

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1 Response to In the Moment

  1. carol says:

    That ziti looks delicious. I’m sadly behind on getting our garden in this year.

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