Last Ditch Potato Box OR How Not to Manage Your Garden

So, uh yeah, I hilled my potatoes at the very beginning of the season, but they grew WAY faster than I anticipated, and I ended up with this:

This is more potato growth than I’ve ever seen in my life.  It’s covering up my kohlrabi (behind) and two pepper plants (to the right).  It’s also obstructing my path.  And to further complicate matters, check out the sugar snap peas all up in there:

So I was researching this kind of growth online, and apparently just like tomatoes, there are determinate and indeterminate potato plants as well.  Now, according to most people, Yukon Golds are supposed to be determinate, but given this level of growth, it looks a lot more like last year’s mutant tomato plant.

I finally got motivated to build some more boxes for the mass o’ potato.  I decided to add two boxes but only fill one up with dirt for now – I wasn’t sure what covering up that much of the vines at once would do to the plants.

This is with one additional box.  Note the little tabs in the corners, they are on the bottom too and will help to keep the boxes aligned.  Here’s a picture with the final box in place:

Now all the plants are standing up much straighter, and my other crops are now getting some much needed sunlight.  Some caterpillars had a field day with my kohlrabi foliage while I wasn’t looking, but hopefully they will come through okay:


Have you ever had potatoes get this big – and in May even???

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3 Responses to Last Ditch Potato Box OR How Not to Manage Your Garden

  1. Barb says:

    Your garden looks great. Love the action shop of Ms. R in the background. Those nasty caterpillars….the challenges of organic farming.

  2. I love your potato boxes!! I have not planted mine yet. Need to get on that today.

  3. angie says:

    love both of your titles seems like it would work rather well

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