I thought they were supposed to be April showers, not May freak thunderstorms…

Seriously though, April was pretty dry around here, but may has been wracked with unpredictable heavy storms.  The one this weekend did a number on the backyard – you can see it beat up my zucchini, knocked over some of the flint corn and black beans, and even broke our tent!  We would have taken the tent down before the storm, but it literally came on with a strong gust of wind out of nowhere, tearing up anything in its path, including knocking over the tent.

In better news, here is my  morning harvest:

Sugar snaps, green beans, and a lone tiny onion.  Something’s been digging up my onion plants – might be the chickens, might not be.  We’re hard at work on their new coop (stay tuned for a post on that), so they’re not going to have quite as much freedom in the future.  Guess I need to get out there and get to work on this garden!

What has May done to your garden?

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1 Response to Maymageddon

  1. Here in Chicago, we just got our garden in the weekend before this past one. But last year we had an experience very similar to yours:

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