Heavy Metal Ladies

Hey ladies!  It’s about time we all got into some heavy metal.

Oh wait, I’m not talking about that kind of heavy metal – I’m  talking about your iron levels.

If your doctor tells you your iron is low, don’t ignore it.  And if your doctor tells you your iron is really low, well, you probably already know it.  I’m about 6 months along with my second daughter (did I mention it’s a girl??) and for weeks I’ve just been getting more and more tired.  I chalked it up mainly to being pregnant, especially pregnant and the primary caretaker of a 2 year old.  But when my doctor told me my iron levels were at a 9.5, well, it all started to make sense.  I was so fatigued in the afternoon that even though I work part time, it was all I was getting done.  The house was a mess and even though it made me angry, all I wanted to do was sit down.

Problem is, iron supplements wreak havoc on my system, and as anyone who has been pregnant before, all you need is one more thing making you uncomfortable, sheesh!  So I was ecstatic to find these liquid iron supplements:

It’s basically a naturally occurring mineral water, and the iron in it is 100% bioavailable.  Bioavailability is the amount of a substance that can actually be absorbed by your body.  Most iron supplement pills are around 18% bioavailable, which means over 80% of that iron is just passing through your system like a little heavy metal tornado.

It’s not cheap, and you’ll have to hunt for it at the drugstore (at mine it was at the bottom nowhere near the iron pills), but I think it’s worth it, especially if you need to get your iron up quickly.  And it’s more natural to boot.  I’ve only been taking the packets a few days and I already feel way better.

If you’ve been feeling exhausted for no reason lately, go get your iron checked!  All right, public service announcement over. 😉

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  1. Kacie Heholt says:

    It is estimated by the WHO (World Health Organization) that iron deficiency is the number 1 nutritional disorders in the world with as much as 80% of the world afflicted. Iron deficiency occurs when the balance of iron that is taken into the body is less than what is required by the body for normal function. The process of iron deficiency is usually slow because the body will first try to compensate for the imbalance by tapping into the forms of iron storage within the body. Once the iron storage forms are depleted, blood hemoglobin levels begin to decrease leading to iron deficiency anemia.^

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