Priority One

I’ve been working for a while to try and figure out the best way to make this house run smoothly.  The cleaning schedule seemed to work fairly well, but there was still something missing.  Housework would often get pushed to the bottom of the list and not get done, not even the daily tasks.  So I’ve had to do a bit of shuffling.

Enter Priority One: The Kitchen.

And by Priority One, I seriously mean it.  The only things that take precedence are things that are explicitly time dependent, and this one right here (let’s call her Priority Zero):

No work, no leisure, not even sleep until the kitchen is clean.  All day, every meal.  This theoretically means I will never stay up too late cleaning, since it should only be the mess from one meal.  This has been even more important with the arrival of these guys:

The kitchen in so many ways is the heart of the home, and I believe having it clean speaks very closely to my happiness and sanity.  I hope that it will be the vanguard of order around this place, bringing the rest of the house in line.  So far, so good.

P.S.  As an aside, the non-toxic ant control scheme is helping, but I’m not sure I’ve found all their entry points yet.  They are either already in the house, or coming in from another direction.  Frequent wipes of the counter have seriously reduced their number today, which makes me lean toward the “already in the house” hypothesis. 🙂

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