Where does it all go?

Yesterday, Kristen over at The Frugal Girl and Elizabeth from Ready. Set. Simplify. said she’s going to keep a time diary this week.  Like both of them, I too have been feeling pretty scattered lately.  I get to the end of the day and really wonder where the time went.  In light of that, I think I’m going to join them.  Like Elizabeth, I think I’m going to jot down my activities every hour or two (my handy dandy oven timer should help me with this!) to keep it from being too overwhelming.

I’m sure this will guilt me into cutting out my time wasters, at least this week.  Hopefully some permanent changes will come of it as well.  For one, I’d like to get all my blog posts written in the mornings, preferably before I take my daughter to preschool/summer camp/wherever she’s headed for the day.  I’d also like to use the vast majority of the time she’s gone to work, so that when she’s here I can focus more on her.

Feel free to join us if you’d like – I’d love to hear what everyone gets out of this!

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